the impact of bad pollution on the health of fires

fires have swept through the jungle in California's state and have burnt down 1,500 homes and have killed nearly 13 people inhabitants. and has been rumored to be more than this if-if late in handling. Among the cities affected by this rampage include the city of Santa Cruz in the vicinity of Sonoma Country with more {smoke} being reported as far as 60 miles between in San Francisco.

the impact of this is very harmful to health, inhaled {smoke} and lack of oxygen inhaled by them causing some diseases that threaten their health. from all the terrible effects of these very small or invisible particles that are very harmful to them, dirty air, pollution everywhere, toxins spread in the air. In addition, the fire area contained food crops that have been managed with various chemicals that are fire resistant and pesticides. by which it has made recommendations of these chemical 

products and there are side effects from the results of research and review.
a good step to avoid the {smoke} generated from various health threats. worried if around us affect our health and the location of the location of the case of fire that caused toxic air. The following may help your health as well as the protection of breathing for those affected:

the impact of bad pollution on the health of fires.pollution generated by fire

  • use a safe protection tool and not too long while in the room
impacts that cause a sore to the eyes exposed to {smoke} too-long or briefly, the eyes will feel itchy and sore. a nose that will feel the heat of (smoke) when we are in a location that is exposed to fire or around us. stay away from it so our health will be protected and protected, use the protection tool to prevent damage to our body or breathing, the more you are around the fire then your health starts to be threatened.

almost unaware that pollution has affected our lives and if you know how it is then you need a high level of protection for our health. but when we are aware of the pollution caused by forest fires, scattered dirty and toxic air it recommends drinking young (green) coconut. green coconut benefits one of which is able to neutralize toxic poison and help clean the dirty air into our breathing.
  • alert to unseen pollution
from the results of the study stated that forest fires can cause dramatically fine particles, which are capable of walking in our respiratory tracts, making adverse impacts on their health, the path of the lungs that will be exposed to pollution that other respiratory tissues do not. "said Liu" many of the threats have been caused by forest fires and have adverse effects on their health, especially for the health of babies, children and the elderly. "

unseen pollution will threaten heart health, causing abnormal and messy heartbeats, coughing, and breathing difficulties. the number of people affected by asthma in the hospital due to the adverse effects of forest fires. always use health equipment and security around or the area that is not far from it.

  • do not place the location if the fire starts to subside
when the fire begins to extinguish it is where the threat will be half and may be partially lost. but obviously, particle pollution is still floating in the air. good results and health start again with a few months when rain and wind help each other to drive out or clean up pollutants in the air.

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