the extraordinary benefits of this type of animal

The remarkable benefits of emu oil for the skin and body. when in the past hundreds, indigenous Australians have found oils that work for human needs that are helpful to cure wounds and pain. many emu oils use such as eczema and burns. which he said that the discovery of modern research has now supported this original treatment.

what is emu oil?

the extraordinary benefits of this type of animal 2017

oil derived from birds emu around the Austria region, one of the birds that can fly (similar to the turkey). light yellow oil color and great benefits for skin and body. in oils containing various types of omega-3 fatty acids (omega-3, omega-6 & omega-9), and compounded as good fatty acid intake. of the three fats and among them the omega-9 is almost equivalent to olive oil.

and in the oil content present healing compounds such as fossolipids, polyphenols, flavones, and carotenoids.

cows eat grass and have more fatty acids, nutritious. some emus/turkey are naturally cultivated for fat and meat use.

The benefits of oil from emu
That scientist who is now testing from emu oil and supporting health in certain areas, emu oil for skin & body. and this is actually very effective, and not as effective as conventional treatments.
Unlike the case with other drugs, but this made from natural so very safe and suitable without side effects.

including benefits for the skin
if you already use emu oil on the skin, emu oil is very fast to absorb. and may emu cure diseases such as eczema, psoriasis, and dermatitis. as well as other benefits of emu oil that is to reduce itching and redness

benefits of emu oil for the body
in emu oil content there are many healing agents and scientists have tested the benefits of anti-plasma

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