see the benefits of sun exposure

it turns out that safe exposure to sunlight can reduce the common diseases in the suffering by people such as cancer. and now sun exposure that is having enough health benefits and we also explore that the hot sun is very hot can also cause an increased risk of cancer. but it is clear that exposure to moderate sunlight does not increase or cause cancer. vitamin D is obtained from sun exposure rays.

The source of the real power of nature

now people tend to encourage the use of sunscreen and reduce exposure to stronger sunlight. now want to find spf 70.

what is sun exposure?

sun exposure can be made with the rays of great benefits, benefits for skin health, for physical therapy. sun exposure when from dawn to 8 am. exposure to sunlight is not so hot when we feel but a clear exposure to very warm sunlight on skin cells and healthy.

what is sunshine?

see the benefits of sun exposure 2017
see the benefits of sun exposure

We need to remember the hot sun in the middle of the morning was dangerous, so the sunlight is not so good for our health and makes the risk of serious illness.
The sun is dangerous, saying that sunburn is not burning (without sunscreen) has a healthy content for both skin and physical and many benefits. and actually, our bodies need exposure to sunlight and help generate and produce vitamin D. and take a bottle of chemical-laden lotion (sunscreen) with the desire to drive one of the skin cancer. indeed vitamin D is very important for our physical soul and can help our skin cells.

Vitamin D helps for pregnant women. and important for babies & children

indeed vitamin D plays an important role in survival during pregnancy. and vitamin D levels that reduce the risk of overall complications. well, how to build a healthy life, let alone a very good sunlight at any given moment.

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